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4 mile tracking RFID to be piloted on children in US school distict

4 mile tracking RFID to be piloted on children in US school distict

The RFID Journal reports that a company in California, Iotera, is developing a 900MHz RFID tag that has a 4 mile range and that “a school district will use it to track students arriving on campus or traveling to and from school“.  Rather than just being able to track students on campus this new geographical … Continue reading


Radio Frequency Identification Devices, RFID, and Real Time Location Systems have been used in education to track children since 2004. The implications of human rights, privacy and civil liberties issues with RFID tags tracking human beings in real-time are far reaching, especially with children/students.

There are obvious issues of privacy concerning staff and others knowing the exact location of individual students in sensitive areas, i.e. toilet, showers, school nurse. Potentially students tagged could be observed attending activities or groups, using the college nurse for private, personal reasons. How would this effect a student when they know their RFID tags will document their presence?

A RFID real time location system enables staff and others to observe students in peer groups which could dissuade an individual's right to association. A tracking location system only monitors the RFID tag, staff could be under a false impression that a child is safe on premises, when the child may not be on site but the tag is.

Using RFID to track children brings up many issues. With decreasing cost and increasing capabilities of RFID, educational establishments are looking to RFID technology to provide tracking solutions for both assets and students.

Article – Biometrics and RFID tracking in UK Education

Documenting the rise of biometric and RFID technology used in education

Book – Surveillance Schools

With the growth of surveillance technologies globally, Dr Emmeline Taylor focuses on the phenomenon of the Surveillance School and explores the impact that continual monitoring is having upon school children, education and society.

433MHz military capabilities of tracking students

Interview with Katherine Albrecht, technology and privacy in schools

Katherine Albrecht show - July 2013. Katherine and Pippa King discuss the victories in removing or preventing biometric and other tracking systems from being used on our children.

Interview: Biometrics & RFID in schools, 433Mhz

Interview with Pippa King by Tony Gosling from BCFM - August 2013


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