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“We don’t think kids in schools should be treated like cattle”

From fellow blogger Lucas 2012 Info – “We don’t think kids in schools should be treated like cattle,” Marc Rotenberg, the executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said in a telephone interview. “We generally don’t like it. My take on RFID is it’s fine for products, but not so much for people. That’s one of the places where the lines need to be drawn. ”

The introduction of RFID chips in some Texas high schools has caused controvisy and debate.  The students are against it and are opposing the intrusive nature of this technology.

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SA hospital considering RFID tagging babies

This from Engineering News reporting that a private South African hospital is considering RFID tags for newborn babies.

“Securing a newborn with an ankle bracelet and ensuring that all authorised personnel transporting newborns carry tags will enable hospitals to monitor the movement of the babies at all times and put parents at ease, he explains.

“Newborns have been stolen from South African hospitals before. RFID tracking could help in curbing the incidents where newborns are smuggled out of hospitals. “We hope to also offer this product to public hospitals in the future,” says Baetu.”

One would presume then that the case for RFID tagging babies in South Africa must be strong then with high instances of baby snatching.  However, if this is the case then these baby stealing cases are not reported.

I found no instance of newborn baby stealing in South Africa in a normal Google search, or news search on the first 10 pages so I then spent some considerable time in Google news archive to find one article from 2008.