OFCOM – UK Office of Communications

Freedom of Information request sent to OFCOM 30th January 2014
Answer due no later than 27th February 2014

1) When was ultra wideband radio frequency, specifically ultra wideband at 6.35-6.75GHz, granted a licence for use in the UK?

2) What transmitted radius is permitted at this frequency?

3) What is the specific absorbtion rate (SAR) for ultra wideband or specifically ultra wideband at 6.35-6.75GHz?

4) Is there any advice, reports or research, either in general for a radio frequency or specifically for ultra wideband, or ultra wideband at 6.35-6.75GHZ, that Ofcom has for any possible health effects when in close proximity to a radio frequency device that emits such frequencies.

5) Does Ofcom hold any advice, reports or reseach on wearing radio frequency devices, i.e. on lanyards or wrist bands.

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