West Cheshire College Tracks Whereabouts of Students, Staff (Pdf) – RFID Journal
This article was published on 30th April 2012.
*The RFID Journal withdrew the English language article from their website 8/9th January 2013.
Here is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine’s link to the original webpage.

Spanish       Portuguese
However the RFID Journal did leave a Spanish and Portuguese version of the above article on their website.

‘Manpower Management for Optimum Operations’(Pdf) – RFID Journal
West Cheshire College employee Kevin Francis’s Return on Investment (ROI) presentation to RFID Live! in Florida on April 5th 2012.  At present (Sept 2013) this is still on the RFID Journal’s website.

West Cheshire College First to Use Location Technology’ (Pdf) – Zebra Technologies
This press release was published on 3rd April 2012.
*Zebra Technologies withdrew the article from their website late February/early March 2013
Here is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine’s link to the original webpage.

Video ‘West Cheshire College uses asset tracking to optimise staff and occupancy capacity’
*Zebra Technologies withdrew this article from their website late February/early March 2013.
It can been seen here –
*West Cheshire College requested the video be take down Aug 2013.

Seems we’re not getting much use out of Room 101 – Times Educational Suppliment 11th May 2012

Students made to carry ‘Orwellian’ locater tags – Telegraph 11th May 2012

UK students “must wear” RFID tags – InfoWars Dec 2012


New Jersey Schools Adopt RFID to Secure Their Facilities – RFID Journal Sept 2013

Nation’s First High School Uses Ekahau RTLS (RFID-over-Wi-Fi™) to Make Students Safer – PR Newswire June 2013

Chip Free Schools – with latest updates

Key Case Andrea Hernandez – The Rutherford Institute with latest updates

Appeals panel rejects student’s request on RFID badge‘ – My San Antonio Jan 2013

Student Expelled for Refusing Location Tracking RFID Badge‘ – InfoWars Nov 2012

US student suspended for refusing to wear school-issued tracker – Wired Nov 2012

mmu _ dalton research institute _ case studiesmaterials science
special temporary authority report 1654
explanation of experiment
pia request to cy-fair high school


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